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Youth Civic Engagement

As part of IEPC, we have been working with LGBTQ youth and allies in schools across Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.


Peer to Peer Listening Campaign


Youth leaders have been collecting quantitative and qualitative data on LGBTQ student experiences at various school campuses. LGBTQ students and allies alike concluded that LGBTQ students need better access to LGBTQ safe spaces and protocols to address any prejudice they may experience on school grounds. LGBTQ youth and allies want access to programs that will give them the necessary tools to tackle the daily traumas they experience.


LGBTQ Student Safety at School


Students have expressed that schools need to implement systematic protocols to address the homophobia and transphobia they experience while at on campus. Students have expressed experiencing prejudice from both their peers and school staff that has largely gone unaddressed. The goal of this campaign is to ensure LGBTQ safety by addressing the problem at the root.

LGBTQ Youth Civic Engagement


We have been working with LGBTQ youth to bridge the gap between LGBTQ youth voices and local decision-makers. By providing LGBTQ youth with opportunities for dialogue, we are ensuring that they have a seat at the table when it comes to creating local legislation and policy to address the issues LGBTQ people face in their day-to-day lives.



For more information, contact:

Erika Ruiz


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