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Young Adults

We have an active base of LGBTQ young adults throughout the Inland Empire region. Over the past year, we have created virtual support spaces for the community to come together and process the realities of our complex identities. The COVID pandemic, more than ever, has made it necessary to cultivate online spaces where LGBTQ folks have access to each other through the isolation of our current reality. We have two support groups. 


Transgender & Nonbinary Virtual Hangout Space


Every week, we facilitate a weekly space that is open to transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming individuals over 18 years of age. Here, members have conversations with each other about the experience of existing as trans people at various intersections of oppressed identities  Together, with IEPC team members who are trained in trauma-informed care, peer counseling, and LGBTQ-mindful facilitation, our young adult trans community has the opportunity to hold space for one another.


LGBTQ Sunday Brunch


We offer a bimonthly virtual Sunday Brunch for LGBTQ individuals to come together and experience intentional moments of queer joy with each other, having lighthearted moments of silliness and reflection around a given topic. This space allows community members to create bonds with one another that go beyond the trauma we are expected to exist in as queer people. This is a space open to cisgender and transgender LGBTQ people. 


For more information, contact:

Abram Gastelum


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